24 Sep 2013
IEEE1588 Plugfest 2013

Like every year Oregano Systems is attending the ISPCS 2013and the IEEE1588 Plugfest preceeding the conference. The International IEEE Symposium on Precision Clock Synchronization for Measurement, Control and Communication (ISPCS) assembles representatives from the industry as well as from educational institutes to present and discuss the newest developments and innovations.

The annual IEEE1588 Plugfest offers vendors of clock synchronization solutions the possibility to test the interoperability of their devices, test new technologies and demonstrate the latest prototypes. Oregano Systems will join the event with the whole range of syn1588® products including the syn1588® PCIe NIC, the syn1588® VIP evaluation board and the syn1588® Gbit Switch.



Oregano Systems will provide the measurement system for the Plugfest to monitor, compare and analyze different clock synchronisation devices. The system offers up to 66 inputs for 1 PPS signals which can be displayed on the local measurement PC as well as on every PC in the test network via a web interface. There is also an iPad app available to make it even easier and more convenient to compare the performance of different devices. The system will be introduced as a product later this year.

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