10 Oct 2017
IBC 2017 Report

Our partner Meinberg invited Oregano Systems to present our syn1588® products and offerings for the broadcasting industry at their booth as part of an extensive STMPTE ST2110 interoperability showcase demonstration. 


The syn1588® Gbit Switch, a high performance 1-step End2End Transparent Clock was used to distribute highly accurate clock information throughout the network. The synchronization quality was permanently monitored using the syn1588® VMS 1PPS monitoring system. The demo showed impressively well how different ST2110 devices can easily interoperate given that they are synchronized highly accurately and reliably with each other. The IBC 2017 IP showcase demonstrated the benefits of the All-IP Studio on a far larger scale with more than 40 companies participating.


This exhibition was accompanied by a number of technical talks highlighting different aspects of the All-IP studio. Nikolaus Kerö presented insights on PTP for the broadcasting industry in his talk: “ST-2059, A Versatile, Highly Accurate Synchronization Technology for the All-IP Studio at Work”.

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