28 Jul 2021
2021-Q2 Release of the syn1588® Software Suite (v1.13)

We are happy to announce the new release of our syn1588® software suite.
Version v1.13 will offer you, beside stability improvements and optimizations, the following new features


PTP v2.1 - BETA

With the release of the new IEEE1588 standard specifying PTP v2.1 we have been busy implementing and extending the support of the syn1588® PTP Stack.

In this release you get access to PTP v2.1 for early exploration. We are currently testing different scenarios and use-cases of PTP v2.1 and PTP v2.0 interoperation and target the next release (Q3 2021) for finalizing PTP v2.1 support.
You can find a detailed list of PTP v2.1 options targeted for future releases in the syn1588® Release Roadmap. If you require specific features, please contact us, so we can integrate your request in the roadmap.


Redundant Clock Synchronization Update

We introduced the new syn1588® utility redSync with release v1.12.
The current release features an extension to this utility, providing redundant synchronization of the system clock. It operates together with the syn1588® lSync utility and two physical interfaces (either syn1588® PCIe NIC or other IEEE1588 capable interfaces).

For more information, refer to the Application Note AN034.


syn1588® Linux Live System

The syn1588® Software Suite is now packed in a new, Ubuntu 20.04 LTS based, Linux Live System.

This is delivered as the known wooden USB stick, refer to Application Note AN038 to get started with the syn1588® Linux Live System.


Quality-of-life Improvements
  • The syn1588® Software Suite is now available as Debian package for installation in Linux systems and as package for simpler installation in Windows systems
  • The syn1588® PCIe NIC and syn1588® Dual NIC Linux module is now available as Debian package for easier installation and maintenance in Linux systems
  • Updated and added configuration files for all supported PTP profiles
New features
  • syn1588® utilities and PTP Stack can now select the syn1588® hardware by clockID
  • Explicit syn1588® hardware time stamper selection, this allows users high-level access to the different timestamping units of the syn1588® technology
For current and future source code customers
  • cMake build environment
    The switch from the old, proprietary build environment to industry-standard cMake 
    will allow faster and frictionless integration of the syn1588® software suite
    into existing and new projects and improve the syn1588® software suite release cycle.
    As this change also impacts the supplied syn1588 and shared memory API,  Application Note AN037 gives more details about this.
  • C++ 2011 language standard
    C++ 2011 support has been available for almost 8 years for both GCC (4.8.1) and Visual Studio (2013).
    Hence, we are incrementally adding C++ 2011 language features in our rework of the syn1588® software suite libraries.


Release Notes

You can find an overview of operating system support in syn1588® Release OS support

You can find an overview of this and the latest releases in syn1588® Release Overview
You can find details for all releases in syn1588® Software Suite Release Notes
You can find a roadmap for the future of the syn1588® Software Suite in syn1588® Release Roadmap


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