09 Oct 2020
2020-Q3 Release of the syn1588® Software Suite

We are happy to announce the new release of our syn1588® software suite.
Version v1.12 will offer you, beside stability improvements and optimizations, the following new features


Reliable Clock Synchronization - redSync utility

The redSync utility allows the user to synchronize with two PTP Masters in parallel. Each synchronizing with a different PTP Master over a common syn1588® PCIe NIC. redSync can be configured to use the first PTP stack that is in-sync with its PTP Master or to compare both PTP Stacks (and their Masters) via the PTP Best Master Clock Algorithm and select the better PTP Master as time source. The utility will monitor both PTP stacks during operation. It will seamlessly switch to the backup PTP Master when the primary PTP Master connection or quality degrades.

The redSync utility will be expanded over the next release cycles. Stay tuned for new application scenarios and detailed information!


Take a look at the syn1588® User Guide (part of this release) for a detailed overview of the redSync utility and its recommended application or contact Oregano Systems (contact@oregano.at or sales@oregano.at) for more details.


Rework of the syn1588® PCIe NIC driver for Linux

We introduce the new syn1588® PCIe NIC driver for Linux which provides the usual support for the syn1588® PCIe NIC. In addition, this driver supports the upcoming syn1588® Dual NIC, i.e., you will be able to use both ports of the syn1588® Dual NIC similar to a syn1588® PCIe NIC. This allows a seamless integration of the syn1588® Dual NIC in your current applications. Upcoming releases will incrementally introduce advanced features of the syn1588® Dual NIC. It directly replaces the current syn1588® PCIe NIC driver.


Release Notes

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You can find a roadmap for the future of the syn1588® Software Suite in syn1588® Release Roadmap


Stay healthy, stay safe,
Oregano Systems

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