VoIP Intercom Light -Discontinued-


Oregano Systems‘ VoIP Intercom Light enables IP based industrial voice communication at an unrivaled price. The VoIP Intercom Light is perfectly suited for high-volume standard communication applications.

VoIP Intercom Light Board
The VoIP Intercom Light board enables one to setup a cost effective, rugged industrial intercom or emergency call system. The VoIP Intercom Light System is a cost optimized version of the well established VoIP Intercom II PoE System, that has been sucessfully used for many years by our customers. The functions have been reduced to optimize the systems costs without compronizing the quality.

The VoIP Intercom Light System supports just the SIP protocol.

Every remote station is equipped with a VoIP Intercom Light Board. The board is provided with a simple rugged user interface.

  • microphone (electret type)
  • speaker (max. 10 W audio power)
  • call button

VoIP Intercom Light Features

  • SIP protocol
  • receive and send full-duplex VoIP calls
  • Audio codec G.711
  • one programable buttons
  • hands-free audio communication
  • one opto-coupled output
  • 10 W on-board amplifier
  • Firmware bootable from on-board flash or external server

Remote Maintance
The VoIP Intercom Light Boards may be remotely maintained. A boot loader chooses the application from either the on-board Flash memory or from a central host via one of the following protocols: TFTP, BOOTP or DHCP. This enables simple in field upgrade.

Data Sheets
VoIP Intercom Light: Brief Datasheet (PDF-file)

More Information
For additional information on our VoIP Intercom Light board or a detailed quotation please contact us.