syn1588® VIP


The syn1588® VIP is a highly integrated single-chip IEEE1588 solution. Just connect the syn1588® VIP to the Ethernet network and receive highly accurate synchronized time or frequency.

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The syn1588® VIP acts basically like a GPS receiver without the need for an antenna. It supplies a 1 PPS pulse and a NMEA compatible data stream on the serial interface (of course without positional data). In master mode syn1588® VIP can accept GPS data as input from the GPS receiver.

New with board revision 3:
There is a simple GPS receiver available on-board. Additionally there a fibre network interface available as well. For the audio/video broadcast community we added a video sync generation capability as well. The syn1588® VIP Evaluation Board Revision 3 may be used as a simple sync box. Connect it to the network and receive an accurately synchronized sync signal.

The syn1588® VIP is available in two different flavors:

  • syn1588® VIP IP Core
  • syn1588® VIP evaluation board

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