VoIP Intercom II PoE – System Features


VoIP Intercom

System Features

  • Easy & Rugged User Interface
    • microphone (electret type)
    • speaker (more than 10 W audio power)
    • call buttons (8 to even 36 keys)
  • Receive and send VoIP Calls
    • H.323
    • SIP
  • Several audio codecs selectable
  • full duplex audio communication
  • excellent audio quality
  • two 100 Mbit network interfaces including Ethernet switch allowing connection of external network components
  • hands-free/handset functionality controlled by hook input
  • opto-coupled inputs and outputs
  • remote power feed using PoE (Power over Ethernet)
  • Customized firmware solutions to meet your requirements
  • VoIP Intercom demo kit

More Information
For additional information on our VoIP Intercom II PoE board or a detailed quotation please contact us.

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