syn1588(R) product family

Oregano Systems offers a full range of proven, ready-to-use network devices to efficiently build an IEEE1588-2008 system. The syn1588® hardware family is currently consists of the following components.

The syn1588® technology is compliant with all major PTP profiles namely the default, the power, the telecom profiles and the enterprise profile with the SMPTE ST-2059-2 profile being the most recent complement.

The syn1588® PCIe NIC is a standard Ethernet network interface cards with IEEE1588 hardware support. It may be plugged into any standard – industrial – computer or PC. Beside offering the usual network connectivity this card enhances the computer by the IEEE1588 functions of highly accurate clock synchronization.

The syn1588® Gbit switch allows the design of complex IEEE1588 systems while still achieving high accuracy in clock synchronisation. Beside the standard 8+1 port Ethernet switching function this unit acts as an IEEE1588 transparent clock.

The syn1588® VIP is a single chip IEEE1588 system. Basically it may act like a GPS receiver in your application without the need for an antenna. The time information is synchronized using the IEEE1588 protocol via the network.

More Information
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