IEEE1588 – The Solution. Oregano Systems offers a full suite of solutions and building blocks for designing systems based on the IEEE 1588 standard for a Precision Clock Synchronization Protocol for Networked Measurement and Control Systems.

Oregano Systems offers read-to-use hardware to build up a IEEE 1588 network as well as the required software stack. Latter one may be also used stand alone on any other hardware as well. The syn1588® hardware is based on a set of IP cores that are sold separately thus enabling customers to design their own tailored 1588 systems.

Oregano Systems is actively involved in the IEEE1588 Standard’s revision working group and supports related research activities. This allows Oregano Systems to keep the products up to date with the latest standard’s developments.

Oregano Systems is able to design a customized clock synchronisation solution for your project requirements to meet your specific requirements.