Nov 232017

Seiko Solutions Inc. presented and gave a demonstration of a grandmaster clock „TS-2950“ that supported SMPTE2059-2 at Inter BEE 2017 in Chiba, Japan from 15th to 17th of November.

The highlight of this demo was the synchronization accuracy among equipments manufactured by multi vendors as ARISTA NETWORK, CISCO SYSTEMS, Mellanox networks.

The synchronization accuracy as <100ns in this topology under SMPTE2059-2 profile was confirmed by using 1PPS output of syn1588® PCIe NIC manufactured by Oregano Systems.
As an IP compliant broadcast equipment manufacture, Seiko Solutions believes that the clock synchronization as IEEE1588-2008 is an essential technology for the realization of Media over IP.
Seiko Solutions strengthens cooperation with partners such as Oregano Systems to promotes Media over IP and contribute further to Broadcasting/Media scene.

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